Your child is considered a toddler once they no longer take bottles and are on one nap/rest time a day.

High Scope Curriculum for Toddlers:

As a toddler you will be growing and learning with the guidance of educated, caring and nurturing teachers. Your child will be learning through play. The teachers develop lesson plans to help the children grow in all areas of development; social, emotional, gross motor, fine motor, verbal communication, and the beginning of self help skills.

Research based and child focused, the High Scope Toddler Curriculum and COR Assessment tool uses a carefully designed process of learning through discovery, called active participatory learning. During active learning, Toddler Teaching Staff encourage toddlers to discover the world around them by exploring and playing. Learning and development are anchored by long-term, trusting relationships with teachers, who are close at hand to support children as they play. All Toddlers are screened using the Ages and Stages Screening Tool (ASQ).

Principles of Active Learning

  • Toddlers learn with their whole body and with all their senses.
  • Toddlers learn because they want to.
  • Toddlers communicate what they know.
  • Toddlers learn within the context of trusting relationships.
In a High Scope program, teachers support children's natural desire to be active learners. Creating an active learning environment for toddlers means consciously considering all their needs — their social and emotional, physical, cognitive, and language developmental needs.

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