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Subsidized Child Care and Support for Military Families:

At Pee Wee Patch we support our Military Families and understand that finding the right care and early education environment for your family is an important decision. We know this decision can be impacted by many fluctuating situations in a military family's life.

Pee Wee Patch has partnered with Child Care Aware of America (formerly known as NACCRRA) in an effort to offer fee assistance for Active Duty Military Families and their child care needs. We also offer a 10% discount off your child’s tuition.

At Pee Wee Patch we understand that you may be seeking a temporary solution while your family is in transition or you are seeking a long-term commitment. We are confident that we can meet your child’s educational needs and provide a high-quality solution for you.


Multiple Child:

Pee Wee Patch offers a multiple child discount of 10% on the oldest child for families with more than one child enrolled five days per week. Discounts are only applicable when tuition payments are made on time. The full tuition rate, plus any additional late fees will be charged when tuition payments are late as per the late tuition policy stated above. Only one discount can be used at a time.

Foster Parents:

Pee Wee Patch offers a 10% discount for Foster Parents when enrolling their foster care child five days per week.

GM Employees:

Pee Wee Patch offers a 10% discount when enrolling their child five days per week. If GM family has multiple children then the multiple child discount will be applied instead.


Pee Wee Patch does accept childcare subsidies from the Department of Human Services. However, the parent/guardian is responsible for all payments until an authorization letter has been received. After the calculation has been made of what amount will be covered by Family Independence Agency, the parent/guardian will be responsible for the remaining portion of tuition. Parents are responsible for completing all required paperwork on time. Once an authorization expires, parents will be responsible for full payment of tuition under the guidelines of the enrollment agreement until a new authorization is received. Parents receiving a child care subsidy are also required to sign a fee agreement, agreeing to be personally responsible for the payment of tuition, in the event they become ineligible to receive childcare subsidies.

North Oakland Autism Center

The North Oakland Autism Center is located in the lower levels of Pee Wee Patch.

GSRP program now available please call for more information

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