Pee Wee Patch follows the CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program) updated guidelines and standards.

Ms. Valerie is our Food Service Director at Pee Wee Patch. She creates our menus, orders the food, and prepares the meals and snacks. Serving your children the highest quality of nutritious meals and snacks is very important to me. Our menus are reviewed twice a year by a nutritionist. Pee Wee Patch is proud to announce that we are food allergy sensitive and make the necessary accommodations for children with life threatening food allergies.

Serving your children the highest quality of nutritious meals and snacks are very important to Pee Wee Patch. We provide breakfast, lunch and PM snacks that include a variety of food groups including meat and meat alternates, bread and grains, fruits, vegetables and fluid milk. Our meals and snacks provide nutrition for children including carbohydrates, proteins and fat to give children energy, while maintaining total calories within recommended ranges specific to a child’s age group and level of activity.

Mealtimes are an equally important part of each child’s day. Meal times promote social skills, like table manners and conversation. Also, encourages healthy habits, including trying new foods. Pleasurable meals are associated with positive feelings that promote confidence and independence.

At Pee Wee Patch, you can have confidence that we provide your child with wholesome, nutritious meals to help your child grow up strong, healthy and happy.

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Monday Breakfast

Low fat milk 
Tuesday Breakfast

Apple sauce
Low fat milk
Wednesday Breakfast

Tropical Fruit
Low fat milk 
 Thursday Breakfast
Bagels & Cream Cheese
Apple Juice
Low fat milk
Friday Breakfast

Low fat milk
Monday Lunch

Sweet and sour meatballs w/
peppers & rice
Low fat milk

Tuesday Lunch 

Tacos w/ cheese and sour cream
Low fat milk
Wednesday Lunch 

Soy butter & jelly sandwiches
Cucumber slices
Low fat milk
Thursday Lunch 

BBQ Chicken breast 
Tossed salad w/ ranch
Low fat milk
Friday Lunch 

Turkey Black Bean Chili
Apple slices
Low fat milk

PM Snack
Yogurt w/ berries
PM Snack
Carrots w/ dip
Low fat milk
PM Snack
Low fat milk
PM Snack
String Cheese
PM Snack
Graham crackers
Low fat milk

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