Pee Wee Patch Team

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Front Office Team

Collette is the Director at Pee Wee Patch. She returned to Pee Wee Patch in 2015. Collette has a Degree in Early Childhood and Social Sciences from the University of Michigan. She has associates degree in Early Childhood and a Social Work Degree. She is pursuing her Master's Degree in in Administration and secondary education. She has been Early Childhood for 28 years. She has been a support staff, Lead Teacher and Director in Public Schools and Private Centers. She has taught for the GSRP Programs and is a High Scope Validator. I find the most joy spending time in the classroom and observing the growth of all the children.

Ms.Val is our cook and chef extraordinaire, Val has been with Pee Wee Patch since 2003 and prepared over 6000 meals for our Pee Wee Patch children. One of her children attended Pee Wee Patch too! She cuts watermelon just the way the kids like it! Ms. Val also works in our classrooms when she is not needed in the kitchen.

Office Support Staff: Ms.Cindy

Infant Team Leader and Teaching Staff

Ms. Elsa has been in childcare for 6 years. She has been with Pee Wee Patch since 2013. She has worked in every age group and is currently our Team Lead for the Infant Program and Lead Teacher for Pea Pod 2. She currently has a Certificate to Associates Degree in Early Childhood and is currently completing her degree in Early Childhood through the TEACH Program. Elsa's early childhood philosophy, "Every child is teachable, you just have to take the time."

Ms. Collen has just returned to Pee Wee Patch. Colleen has a degree in Social Work and is our Lead Teacher for
Pea Pod 1. Colleen has worked in our infant and toddler programs. She is currently taking care of our youngest children at Pee Wee Patch.

Ms. Amber is a Lead Teacher in the Infant Program.

Infant Support Staff: Ms.Sue, Ms. Reanne, Ms. Noemy and Ms. Shelby

Toddler Team Lead Teachers

Ms. Sabrina is the Toddler Team Lead and the Lead Teacher in Lily Pad.

Ms. Amanda has been at Pee Wee Patch since 2015. She has been working in childcare for several years. Her major is Elementary Education with an emphasis on Early Childhood Development. Amanda is currently our Lead Toddler teacher in Mango Patch.

Ms. Sam is with Ms. Amanda in Mango Patch, our older toddler classroom.

Ms. Char is the Lead Teacher in Pumpkin Patch.

Toddler Support Staff: Ms. Maddie, Ms. Alexis, Ms. Reanne, Ms. Noemy and Ms. Chelsea

Young Preschool Team Leader and Teaching Staff

Ms. Melba has been at Pee Wee Patch since 2005. She has been in Early Childhood for over 30 years. Melba attended Baker College for Early Childhood Education and has a CDA Credential in Early Childhood. Melba currently is one our our Young Preschool Lead Teachers.

Julie is a recent addition to our Pee Wee Patch Family. She has worked in Preschool Programs, Montessori Programs and Head Start Programs. She has worked as a Teacher and a Director and is seasoned in the High Scope Curriculum. She has been in the Early Childhood for over 25 years. She studied Early Childhood in college and has a CDA credential too!

Preschool, Prekindergarten Team Leader and Teaching Staff

Ms. Sheryl  joined Pee Wee Patch in 2003. Sheryl has Child Development Associate Credential (CDA). Sheryl truly loves education, has a passion for teaching and has numerous continuing education credits, and has taught classes at various early childhood conferences in the Detroit area. She has been a teacher for over 17 years. Sheryl is resourceful, creative and remembers that the same teaching techniques do not work with every child. Sheryl feels that when children are given a loving, inclusive environment with many opportunities for exploration, learning and imaginative play children will blossom and grow.  Ms. Sheryl is the Preschool Team Lead and Lead Teacher in Cherry Patch.

Mr. Rocco has been with Pee Wee Patch since 2008. He has been a Lead Teacher since 2015. Mr. Rocco is a favorite among our boys and girls enrolled at Pee Wee Patch. Mr. Rocco major in college is Early Childhood Education.

Preschool Support Staff: Ms. Ann

School Age Team Leader

Bev is our School Age Team Leader. She has a B.S. in Psychology from Eastern Michigan University with minors in Child Development and Social Sciences. Bev has been here at Pee Wee Patch since 2004 and teaches our school-age children as well as manages our summer day camp. Bev believes young children thrive when given the opportunity to express their creativity while exploring their world in a safe, nurturing environment.

School Age Support Staff: Mr. Jake, Ms. Maddie, Ms. Ann

GSRP Staff

Ms. Melyssa is our Lead Teacher in Pineapple Patch, our GSRP classroom. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education and has been a part of the Pee Wee Patch Team since 2016.

Ms. Julie is the Associate Teacher in the GSRP classroom.

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